Urban Skin Rx Complexion Protection Moisturizer Review

*disclaimer: even though I received this product for free via BzzAgent all the opinions expressed in this blog post are completely my own*

Hey guys welcome back! Today we are going to be doing another product review. The product we are going to be talking about today is "Urban Skin Rx Complexion Protection Moisturizer with SPF 30" before we get started I would like to thank BzzAgent for sending me this product for free in exchange for my honest review. Now lets get started!!

I can't believe I haven't heard of this brand until now and I am honestly grateful I know of this brand now because if this moisturizer is this amazing I can't wait to see their other products. This product is absolutely one of the best moisturizers I have ever tried and the fact that it has SPF 30 makes it even better. I loved that when I applied the moisturizer and rubbed it into my skin it went on sheer leaving no viable streak marks.  According to their website this moisturizer will go on sheer for all skin colors! I honestly love that because sometimes some moisturizers leave very noticeable streaks if you don't rub it in well which totally sucks. Another positive thing about this moisturizer is that it is made for ALL.... yes.... ALL skin types. Doesn't matter if you have oily, normal, dry, combination this moisturizer will go perfect with your skin. 

this is what the product looks like
I also loved that after I applied this my skin felt instantly hydrated and let us not forget about how lightweight if felt when applied onto the skin. My skin didn't feel greasy when I applied it onto my skin and I was extremely happy. Wanna hear more? despite this moisturizer having SPF it doesn't smell. YEAH I KNOW! I'm shocked too. I assumed that it would kinda smell somethings that have SPF in it tend to have a smell and I was excited when I smelled this. Wait... there's more positives about this moisturizer... yes there's more :) it's VEGAN. It's not a lie check on Urban Skin Rx's website


you can get it at Ulta or on Urban Skin Rx's website. 

this product goes for around $20 for 1.7 oz. I know this seems like a lot if you don't have much, but it is totally worth it trust me. 

Here's what the sides of the box looks like just in case you wanted to read it.


When you take the cap off the moisturizer this is what the pump looks like

This is what one pump of the moisturizer looks like

This moisturizer definitely exceeded my expectations. Loved using this product so I am recommending this to you guys. Once again here's the benefits: 
  • Dual purpose SPF moisturizer that provides both daily hydration and sun protection
  • Great for ALL skin types
  • Powered with Squalane, Hyaluroic Acid and Vitamin E for ultimate protection and hydration
  • Sheer formula leaves no white residue on the skin
  • Free of parabens, toxins, fragrance and sulfates. A vegan product. Not tested on animals.

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In the comments below let me know if you have tried this moisturizer or any other products from Urban Skin Rx. 

Learn more about Urban Skin Rx here

Update on my YouTube journey

hey guys! It's been a while since I announced that I wanted to try youtube and well here's my little update on how the journey is going :).

You know how when your favorite youtuber sometimes complains that doing youtube is complicated? and you're like... how hard is it to hold a camera and record stuff and put it together later. well, I am here to confirm that they're right! Youtube is complicated lol.

On May 13, 2019 I uploaded a mini trailer titled "coming soon..." (view here). That video... if we're being honest here took me almost 2 week. Even though the video is only 12 seconds it took me a long time because since it was technically my first video I wanted every drawing to look good. I was really proud of that video because I was like "I actually uploaded something on youtube. This is so scary but I'm proud"

I was really proud because like I mentioned in my "a scary new journey" blog post I don't have high quality things like the popular youtubers have. I only have my phone, a crappy stylus, a mini tripod and microphone from five below. So with me having only these items to start I was proud. So, I tweeted the video on my twitter. Someone tweeted me saying they watched my video and I was thinking "Yay people are actually watching :)" then they started to criticize the work stating how it was nothing like the youtubers I mentioned I wanted to model my work after.

Even though I welcome any comments because the comments could help me improve. That comment the person made kinda made me feel really sad. So now I understand when Youtubers say that you have to have thick skin when you start youtube because sometimes people would leave mean comments. I was left feeling really sad and I didn't want to upload another video (even though I was working on another one after I had uploaded that trailer). I actually deleted everything I had already done because that comment got to me. I quickly messaged my friend because lol that's what we all do when we're feeling sad. I talked to her about this and she made me feel good but I was still sad.

Then later I talked to someone on instagram who also does youtube (here's the link to her channel... check her out. she's amazing) and we had a really great conversation and I was left feeling extremely good about myself. She told me about the time people also sent her mean comments and how she got over it. Her tips were really helpful and they inspired me to re work on the things I had deleted before.

That brings us to June 30, 2019 where I uploaded a video titled "random instagram questions" (view here). In that video I asked people on instagram to send me some questions for a video and people actually sent me some questions. I was really excited to actually get some question lol. I thought I would get nothing.

What I've learned so far is that youtube is actually really fun but it's so much hard work. Especially coming up with a video topic. Sometimes coming up with a topic for your video is actually harder then shooting (or in my case drawing and adding the voice).
Lastly, I learned that sometimes comments will get to you and it's ok to feel a little sad but then brush those comments off and remind yourself that your a "bad b*tch". I still have so much to learn and I hope you all stay along for the ride :)

I'm looking forward to making people laugh with all my dumb jokes or just laugh at me for acting dumb haha. Cause I seriously say and do dumb things on the daily lol. So when I'm ready to do actual videos get ready for my dumb self. I'm also looking forward to gaming. yeah gaming. I really like video games and I was thinking of maybe uploading a few gaming videos here and there on my channel as well... I'm also looking forward to making friends. I've heard other youtubers talking about how they've made so many friendships because of youtube and I think that's really cute and I want to experience that.

My channel as of now (July 27, 2019) sits on:

2 videos
28 total video views
5 subscribers

I am honestly so grateful to those 5 people that have subscribed to my channel and as one of my favorite animators (ilymation) says are "here for the chaos" lol. Please don't be afraid to tell me what you'd like to see. Please subscribe to my channel (click here to subscribe), like my videos.... wait... what else do youtubers say??? *checks list* turn on the notificaiton bell so you'd be notified on when I post my next video. Don't forget to follow me on all my social medias as well.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading up on my "youtube journey" thanks for coming along on this ride with me. Love you :)

IsaDora Cosmetics products review

*disclaimer: Even though I received these products for free from bzzagent and IsaDora, all opinions expressed in this blog are my own. 

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another product review. Today we are going to be reviewing IsaDora cosmetics.

What is IsaDora cosmetics?
via: isadora.com

thanks to bzzagent for sending me some free IsaDora cosmetics items for me to try. Here's what they sent me :)

products featured:
-Active All Day Wear Foundation
(color: 18 cognac)

-Stretch Lash Mascara

-Eye Shadow Quartet
(color: 44 muddy nudes)

-Glossy Eyeliner
(color: 40 chrome black)

-Twist Up Gloss Stick
(color: 01 toffee pop)

-IsaDora Face Sculptor
(color: 01 warm peach)

-IsaDora beauty sponge

-makeup bag

Here's what you all came for... the reviews.

Active All Day Wear Foundation: 

This make up is definitely a must have for your makeup bag. What I really liked is that this makeup is sweat/humidity proof. Especially since the weather where I live has been in like the 90s lately.

When I applied this foundation on my face it didn't feel cakey and dry. It felt light on my face. I almost felt as if I didn't apply any makeup.

This foundation also blended really easy and I was able to distribute it with ease due to the little pump it has (picture below)

other things I liked about this foundation is that it's long lasting and it leaves a matte finish to your look

Stretch Lash Mascara:

Oh my GOSH! I have never seen a mascara like this in my life. Ok, so the name "stretch lash mascara" is very suiting for this mascara for two reasons... reason number one it being that when you apply this mascara it makes your lashes "stretch" out so far and wide that it looks like you're wearing false lashes.

Here's reason number two as to why "stretch lash mascara" is a very suitable name for this mascara... are you ready for this... YOU CAN STRETCH OUT THE WAND! That's right the wand is adjustable to the perfect size you need.

You see the red bit at the top of the wand? (picture above) notice how it has little arrows on it? You just give it a little twist and bam it can go from this....

 to this...


and all that happened with a little twist.

I really loved this mascara because like I said made me seem like I actually had lashes lol. Also, what I liked about this mascara is that it didn't make my lashes feel heavy like other mascaras sometimes do. Lastly, I liked how I didn't have a problem with my lashes clumping together and it's all thanks to the wand. 

Eye Shadow Quartet:

This eyeshadow quartet pallet is in the color "muddy nudes". I'm absolutely buzzing that I received these colors because these are the colors that I usually go for when I do my makeup. 

This palette seems small but it really packs a punch. The eyeshadows don't feel chalky. They feel kinda like a mix between the powder eyeshadow and the cream ones... The application is smooth and oh so pigminted. Also, what I liked about these eyeshadows is that they're buildable. 

When I applied these to my eyelid there wasn't any loose eyeshadow under my eye which is a huge plus for me. Haha you know how much that sucks to clean 

Glossy Eyeliner:

ever since I tried this eyeliner I've been obsessed... so obsessed this eyeliner turned into Mariah Carey and asked me "why you so obsessed with me [girl] I want to know"  well I'll tell you... 

First of all what I loved about this eyeliner is that it's waterproof. Boy oh boy oh boy do I have a story to tell you about how waterproof this eyeliner is. Ok, so first of all I want to start off by saying that this day that I wore this eyeliner I was wearing my contact lens. Fast forward to night time it was time to wash my face and take off my makeup. So I took off my contacts and started washing my face... 

Since my eye sight isn't the best (I seriously can't see without glasses or contacts haha everyone and everything looks like one of those paintings where the people don't have faces) when I washed my face I didn't notice the eyeliner was STILL on my face until the next day when I put on my glasses. I kid you not my eyeliner was still on point and it looked like I just applied it on my face. I wish I had a picture to prove it, but since I just woke up and looked ugly I didn't want to scare you guys lmao. 

Secondly,  I loved that this eyeliner's applicator has a very fine tip (picture below). Perfect for creating a sharp wing

Lastly, I loved this eyeliner because it's a glossy eyeliner and not one of the plain black ones. I felt like the glossy look in the eyeliner really made my look stand out more.

Twist Up Gloss Stick: 

I really liked how well it glided across my lips. It goes on like kinda sheer but you can build up the color by applying more. What I also liked what that it didn't make my lips feel sticky. You know the kinda sticky where you put your lips together and then open your mouth slowly... you can actually feel your top lip peeling slowly from your bottom lip. 

The shade I received is called "toffee pop" here's what it looks like up close

IsaDora Face Sculptor:

The shade of the face sculptor is called "warm peach." I liked how all these items are in a compact together. Super handy so that way you don't have to have three things out at once. I also liked how none of these felt chalky when I put them on my face. They kinda felt like the eyeshadows (like a mixture of powder and cream).

And as a makeup noob. I really appreciated that the back of this face sculptor compact came with a mini picture tutorial on how to actually apply it to your face (picture below). It was super helpful for people like me that have no idea what they're doing.

Lastly, I liked how all of these items were really easy to blend into my skin and how pigmented they all were.

IsaDora beauty sponge: 

I can't express how much I loved this beauty sponge. OH MY GOSH. It is so soft and it made blending all my makeup so easy.

Here's what it looked like when I wet it. It grew to like 4x it's size lol.

wetting it made it feel a little more softer and bouncey. Also, it made blending the makeup easier.

IsaDora makeup bag:

the bag was awesome! it was spacious enough to fit all the products that was send to me and other stuff as well. I really like how it doesn't take that much room so if you're going on holiday and need to bring your makeup this is definitely your go to bag. I like the combination of the black and gold together. Makes it look really nice and classy.

Final thoughts:
I really liked all these products and I totally recommend them. They aren't crazy expensive so you can be ballin on a budget. Below is a picture of me wearing some ohese products (please be nice. this is my first time doing full face)

{products I used for the above look}
-IsaDora Face Sculptor
(color: 01 warm peach)

-Active All Day Wear Foundation
(color: 18 cognac)

-Stretch Lash Mascara

-Eye Shadow Quartet
(color: 44 muddy nudes)

-Glossy Eyeliner
(color: 40 chrome black)

You can find these products and more online at walgreens.com

let me know in the comments below if you've tried any of these products and what you thought about them. 

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Love Island USA couple predictions

As you all may know by now how addicted I am to the UK tv show called "Love Island." Now, can you imagine how excited I was when I found out that the show I love was going to be flying across the pond and coming to the US. I was buzzing!

For today's blog post since all the USA islanders have been announced I thought it would be fun if we made predictions on who they might couple up.

but before we get to the fun part of predicting who will couple up with who lets get a name with a face so you guys know who's who.


Zac Mirabelli

Weston Richey

Michael Yi

Yamen Sanders

Cashel Barnett


Caroline "Caro" Viehweg

Mallory Santic

Alexandra Stewart

Kyra Green

Elizabeth Weber 

Alana Morrison

ok, now that we know who's who... it's time to couple them up. We are going to be coupling them up based on what they said so far.

First off before we get started as you may have noticed there's 6 girls and 5 guys. If you aren't familiar with the show... One of these girls (I don't know who) is going to come in later and stir things up by trying to couple up with one of the guys who's in a couple.

Ok, NOW let's get started... 

First off we have 


based on what he said about his celebrity crush (which was Rachel McAdams) I feel like he might couple up with Mallory.

She kinda looks a little like his celebrity crush so I feel like maybe he's going to couple up with her.

Mallory said that she's looking for someone who's "fun" and Zac said he's looking for someone who is "a trustworthy, supportive and goofy girl who brings out the best" in him.

So I assume if she's looking for someone who's fun she fun as well.

Next up we have


I coupled up Weston with Alexandra because Weston said "a great smile would win [him] over" and well do I need to say anything else? Lol Alexandra has a really great smile.

Alexandra said when describing her dream guy "bonus points if he's tall" and well according to this page... Weston is 6"2' so I paired them together



I paired him up with Elizabeth because she said she "loves traveling, mystery movies, beach volleyball and rollerblading." As I was looking through Michael's instagram I noticed he has a lot of pictures of him at the beach and I also saw one post where he says he's backpacking through a place so I figured he likes to travel so I paired them together.

Up next we have


I paired up Yamen wit Caro because he said his celebrity crush was Amber Rose and Caro reminded me of her when Amber used to have big hair (picture below)

I also paired these two together because Caro said she is looking for someone who is  "spiritual, loving, friendly, funny and authentic." and Yamen was described as "the best person to get advice from" so I feel like Yamen's description really fits into what she's looking for.

Finally we have


I coupled up Cashel and Kyra because they both mentioned that they were musicians. Also, I paired them together because Kyra mentioned she's looking for someone that's "artistic" and what more artistic then a literal musician lol

And last but not least we have Alana...

I feel like she's going to be the one that goes in to shake things up after everyone has been coupled up. I think this cause in the trailer she's shown near the end so I feel like maybe the reason why is cause she's the last one to come in.

I think once she gets in... based on what she said (that she's looking for someone that's funny) I feel like maybe she's going to try and couple up with Zac or Cashel. Also, when I looked at her instagram (she says she's a singer/song writer) so I feel like Cashel is a strong competitor in who she might go for since they have music in common.

Here's an Instagram post with all the islander's Instagrams: click here

So that's it for today's blog post, I
*text tone*

*reads text*
"Don't forget to tune in to CBS on Wednesday, July 9 at 8 p.m. ET. for the season premiere of  Love Island."
#LoveIslandUSA #HottestSummerOfYourLife